Pondering Podcasts?

When I am not filming or hosting events, I drive the kids to their classes. Drive time = dead time. There is nothing I can do while I am driving, right? Wrong, actually. A friend …

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Chinese For Haircut

Baby needs a haircut every now and then. Check out how I weave some Chinese into such a routine activity, so the language fits right into Jaymee’s daily life. Also, you can practice each time …

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Animal Name Game

Here’s a game you can play to teach animal names in Chinese, including word recognition if your child is old enough (3 yrs). TRANSCRIPT Kids are naturally attracted to animals, so animals are a great …

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Watermelon Shapes

Turn her snack time into play time – and learn Chinese time! In this video, Jaymee cuts her favorite fruit into shapes and learns the terms for shapes and tastes. TRANSCRIPT 你好,今天我们的活动是西瓜形状 Watermelon shapes. And …

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