This is one fun, simple and yummy activity for those days when the kiddos need to stay indoors. You only need fruit loops, string and a dose of patience!


Hello there. I’m getting ready for an activity with a VSIP – Very Small Important Person. He’s none other than Jaymee’s BFF.

Best friends in school, but today, they seem a little…shy around each other.

Let’s put their chemistry to the test with an activity usually associated with girls!

Here’s what you need:
– colorful fruit loops
– thread or string
– scissors

And a huge dose of patience!
Okay…. Let’s start all over again.

D:嘉欣,小手伸出来量一量。这样够长吗? J:这样够长。
D: 小手拿开。剪。
D: 现在呢,阿姨帮你打一个结。
D: 啊????
D: 然后你把甜甜圈串进去
All you have to do is tie a knot at one end of the string, and start threading the fruit loops!
D:Jayden, 男孩子可以戴手链吗?
Jayden: 不可以。
Jayden: 因为很漂亮。
Jaymee: 男孩不喜欢漂亮手链!

Make it fun, and don’t worry too much about whether they have “learnt” the words. This is the time to create positive associations with the language.


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