Pondering Podcasts?

thumbnail_podcast3When I am not filming or hosting events, I drive the kids to their classes. Drive time = dead time. There is nothing I can do while I am driving, right?

Wrong, actually.

A friend suggested listening to podcasts, and I did.

They opened up a whole new world of knowledge and learning for me. Why not share this world with my kids?

Benefits of podcasts

  • Learning on the go
  • Relatively low cost
  • Complements visual learning and reading
  • Learn pronunciations, vocabulary, sentence structure
  • Encourages creativity as the child can imagine
  • Helps to lay foundation for understanding non-verbal language e.g tone
  • Kids do not need to look at something at close range
  • Stories at night time can foster bonding between parent and child

My top tips for using podcasts:

  • Keep it short – 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Download when you have Wi-Fi connection to avoid extra data usage.
  • As far as possible, listen with your child so you can have a conversation about the podcast later.
  • You can, in fact, should, repeat the stories.
  • For bedtime stories, choose podcasts that are more reflective as the kids should be winding down. This is a great time to share values with your child!
  • Drive times are great for listening, so long as you operate the devices in a safe manner.
  • Do you have other tips? Click HERE to share!

Some podcasts to get you started:

卉卉阿姨讲故事 (huihui ayi jianggushi)
鱼淼淼讲故事 (yumiaomiao jianggushi)
故事宝宝 (gushi baobao)
故事专栏 (gushi zhuanlan)
故事老爸 (gushi laoba )
[宝宝爱故事]故事宝盒 (baobao ai gushi)
呼噜博士讲故事:幼儿趣味故事(hulu boshi jianggushi)
幼儿睡前故事 (youer shuiqian gushi)

* Do you know of other great podcasts? Click HERE to share!

– by Diana Ser

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  1. Thanks so much for recommending these! I have some audiobooks but not really age appropriate for my boys so they don’t really like listening to those. These podcasts are great! I started downloading 卉卉阿姨and love that she’s got an intro to some classical music to end each podcast

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